24 Things Seasoned Old Orchard Beach Visitors Want You to Know (and Do!)

Make the most of your trip to Old Orchard Beach with these insider tips.

  1. Make sure to go [to Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf] during off-peak hours. Could be tougher for small children with wait times and bottlenecks.” – Kirk J.
  2. “Be sure to visit Palace Playland and enjoy the fireworks on Thursday nights.” – semperfi80
  3. “Best deal is to buy a day pass [to Palace Playland}.” – Bill Cindy L.
  4. “September is a lot quieter for older folks who want to relax.” – winefan2016
  5. “If you love pizza, you need to try Bill’s Pizza.” – edandrose691
  6. “People must know to come early [to the beach] to mark your territory.” – karajohnsonsmith
  7. “Parking can be problematic so plan ahead. Make sure to go to Big Daddy’s for adult food!” – Kirk J.
  8. “Seagulls are some of the most daring, and if your child has any piece of food waving in hand or if you leave unattended for a second, then it’s a total frenzy.” – ELMny
  9. “If you need a bathroom, avoid the pier as you have to pay to get in.” – onecoolraisin
  10. “The further away from the pier you go, the more room you’ll have to spread out.” – Phil T
  11. “They do let dogs in the beach before 10 a.m.” – 770MCP
  12. “Great photo ops under the pier, so be sure to get some pics there!” – gabi_kansas
  13. “If you want to sit fairly near the water, arrive early, and set up. You can leave your stuff there, unattended, and no one will touch it.” – MEKACA
  14. “If you want the beach experience, stay down the beach south of the pier. Lots of families and quieter.” – Julie M.
  15. “There is a city park just up the road [from the pier] that was a hidden gem for a family looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the beach.” – David H.
  16. “The best food for lunch or dinner is Big Daddy’s and for breakfast Breakfast Bagel.” – Donna M.
  17. “Take a snap of the funky pier, grab a t-shirt.” – trav226
  18. “There is parking at the pier for tourists for $10 a car.” – wolfgirlemt
  19. “You must try the Pier Fries when you are there and the fried dough is huge no matter where you buy it.” – LouisVilleGrace
  20. “If you can get accommodations right on the beach, you will have the extra soothing sounds of the ocean!” – CruiseSkiPete
  21. “Eating in the square next to the fountain is great.” – Tropicaldestinations
  22. “I recommend walking on this beach…it’s a lovely long shoreline that is easily accessible with a wide beach and certainly not many people in the winter! Quick note: No restrooms available in the winter.” – acandkc
  23. “You can walk for miles on the beach.” – RidgeTravellers
  24. “Off-season parking was cheap.” – thumpbumppy